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    Pacific Timesheet 6.4
    Journyx 7.1
    SoftXML - Target your market audience
    EditiX XML Editor 2.0
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    SoftXML - Target your market audience
    Journyx 7.1
    Pacific Timesheet 6.4
    EditiX XML Editor 2.0
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    Pacific Timesheet is web-based timesheet and time tracking software that provides project timesheet, project time tracking, project management, project portfolio management, job costing, product life cycle management, payroll timesheet, and time and attendance features in one system. Modules include automated approvals, billing and pay rates, time-off scheduling, resource scheduling, custom reporting, project management dashboard, iPhone...

    The modern workforce no longer fits the industrial mold of the 20th century. Workers are increasingly organized into project teams that are scattered across the globe. How can your organization best keep track of these teams and their projects...

    Easily integrated to any website (no database required). / No JavaScript or ASP knowledge required. / Sources available. / Changing layout order of news items with drag and drop. / Hiding some news items without deleting. / Option for news...

    EditiX has an XSLT debugger and an XML differencing support. It provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality withina refined IDE that guides you with intelligent entry helpers. The user can manage remote files from FTP, WebDAV or...