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    iScripts EasySnaps 2.0
    PHP Image Resize Script 1.0
    Interactive Image Gallery by PHPJabbers 1.0
    Photo Booth script 2.0
    Image Editing Script 2.0
    Coranto ImageManager Script 1.1
    Free PHP Gallery 1.0
    Zoph Script
    JetPhoto Server Script 1.3
    LIMP Script 3.6.1
    JetPhoto Server for Image Tools 1.3
    activeWatermark Script 1.1
    GaleriaPHP Beta 1
    Reflection.js Script 1.9
    Top Code
    PHPmyGallery 0.995
    Vision.To Dynamic Photo Gallery [Flash] 1.I
    PhotoStore - Photo Selling Website 2.VII
    My Stock Photo Site
    35mm Slide Gallery v5.0
    Sheigeg Iseng Resize Class 1.V
    Crop Canvus 1.2.2000
    Free PHP Gallery 1.0
    EasyGallery 1.I
    Fantastic Picture of the Day 1.0.1
    Web Photo Gallery
    MMS Gallery 1.0
    Gallery Thingie 1.II
    Exifer 1.2
    PHP Draw 0.2
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    iScripts EasySnaps image hosting script is a feature-rich solution for webmasters who want to create their own revenue-generating image hosting service. The script includes many features such as credit card integration (Authorize.net, PayPal , Google checkout, 2checkout, Yourpay) instant user sign ups/upgrades/cancellations, or email validations, image editing, customizable payment plans for users, image and folder descriptions, a...

    Images are an integral part of all websites. Webmasters have to handle and resize tons of images in their work while creating websites and pages. The challenge lies in image manipulation in cases when images will be dynamically managed and...

    Interactive Image Gallery is a great asset for each website - you can use it for pictures presenting multi-component technical equipment, furniture, accommodation services, real estates, etc. Your interactive images will load perfectly on any...

    Create online photo booth service like webcamtoy, pixect or seenly. Photobooth script from PHP monster lets you add a powerful photo booth to your website or blog. People can take photos with their webcams and upload them to the gallery. The user...

    The image editing script from php monster is a powerful tool to edit your images. This is a very easy to use software and you can implement this to a new or existing website. This script has the features like watermark images, watermark location...

    Basic image manipulation such as flipping, rotating, cropping or scaling are also supported.


    Unpack and upload to the coranto folder.
    Go to the includes/plugins/imagemanager folder and open the file...

    Free php gallery is a free php script that allows you to upload and display photos on your site in a clean elegant way.

    Gallery features

    Extremly easy to install on your website (just copy files)
    No database required,...

    It can be used to organize photo albums, product showcases, online portfolios, and many more.

    Here are some key features of "Zoph":

    dlTE Photos can have lots of meta data. Each photo record can store: EXIF info...

    All the image galleries produced in JetPhoto Studio can be uploaded to the JetPhoto Server and be available online.

    JetPhoto Server is a full-featured digital photo publishing service software using PHP.

    JetPhoto server...

    It does not require any database / flat-file setup operations.

    LIMP is a Lightweight Image Browser for PHP. Requires no database or complex setup. Simply upload & go.

    Supports Albums from subdirectories, Captions, and...

    All the image galleries produced in JetPhoto Studio can be uploaded to the JetPhoto Server and be available online.

    JetPhoto Server is a full-featured digital photo publishing service software using PHP.

    JetPhoto server...

    This is a free script that places watermark on images in current folder and sub-folders.

    - Easy to install
    - Easy to use, just upload your images by FTP
    - You can use text or image for your watermark

    Plugin/Widget for create horizontal menus, banners or galleries with a JQuery effect
    Very easy to use. Load pictures directly from the library of images from your wordpress. Manage your images directly from the widget or plugin with a simple...

    This script provides, through an easy to use interface, the capability to generate many user-friendly galleries.

    The script doesn't use any kind of database support. After the installation, start to create and organize image...

    Reflection.js allows you to add reflections to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean.

    It works in all the major browsers - Internet Explorer 5.5 , Mozilla Firefox 1.5 , Opera 9 and Safari. On...

    rGalley is an image gallery script for your website. Quickly and easily display a gallery of images on your website. It is written in PHP, but no programming experience is necessary.

    iScripts EasySnaps is a feature rich image gallery script for webmasters who looking to create a revenue generating image hosting service. The script includes many features such as multiple payment gateways, instant user sign...

    With this favicon generator tool script, you and your visitors can instantly make custom and animated favorites icons. It supports GIF, JPG and PNG images of any size. The generator converts every image to a 16x16 size favicon.ico, 16x16 size png...

    The YaPiG is a PHP script with a web based interface to manage your personal or photo image albums. The script allows the visitor to your gallery to post opinions about your pictures in the gallery. With this script you can be able to add, change...

    YaPiG - Yet another php image gallery is a multi-platform compatible Yapig witch stands for Yet Another Picture Image Gallery. It is a simple but powerful script written in PHP designed to keep on a web based interface your personal photo or image...