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    Exlcart 2.0
    Backup Dome 1.0
    Jquery Slideshow Maker 1.4
    Taxi Management System - Vaama Taxi 1.0
    Taxi dispatch system - CroplaTaxi 1.0
    Readymade Deal Script 1.0.2
    Open Source Affiliate Marketing Script 4.2.1
    Car Rental Script 1.0.2
    PHP Business Card Design Script 1.0.4
    PHP Appointment Booking Software 1.0.4
    Hotel Booking System 1.0.4
    Online Course Booking Script 3.04
    PG Real Estate Solution 2013
    Adding Background Gradient in CSS 0.1
    Targeting Firefox With CSS 0.1
    Top Code
    List Directory Contents in PHP 0.1
    SourceGuardian 1.71
    Get File Extension in PHP 0.1
    Remove duplicate elements from array in PHP 0.1
    PHP Appointment Booking Software 1.0.4
    KLOC Calculator 1.50
    BSW Uploads and Downlods Manager 1.8
    PG Real Estate Solution 2013
    e-cbd.biz developers licenses, Social Networking, Dating 2
    Marc's PHP Debugger 1.0
    Taxi Management System - Vaama Taxi 1.0
    PHP Packager 0.1b
    Backup Dome 1.0
    Sourdough Framework 0.3.0a
    phpProject Management 0.1.0
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    Would you like to setup your on demand food delivery business with the reliable platform? Exlcart offers a fully featured on demand food ordering and delivery platform at affordable cost. It comes with full source code at one time cost.

    Restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the contents and SQL file of your database at any time, choose a backup of your website, or restore individual files and folders in order to backup your...

    Slider Maker is a built-in tool to generate beautiful sliders using a visual admin tool. Slider Maker is perfect for non-coders. Just upload slidermaker directory to your ftp, and you're ready to build your image sliders. Nothing to install, no...

    VaamaTaxi is a taxi management software system to manage customers,drivers and dispatchers automatically. You can also add other taxi company into your software as a vendor so that you can get a commission from each taxi company.

    CroplaTaxi is a taxi dispatch software to automate your taxi business.Run you business with mobility to attract your customer and increase revenue.

    You can make deal for various categories like Automotives, Electronics, Food & drink, Gateways and many more. The user can view the best deals daily with fresh coupons every day as the deals get updated on daily basis. You can start with our...

    We are a leading ecommerce development company for the past 14 years. We have developed the latest product, affiliate ecommerce script based on our experience in this field and the feedback from our clients. We are capable to have control over the...

    Our open source car rental script is powerful web based software for the car rental service providers who can easily manage their car services online. Our Car rental script is the most feasible and reliable Taxi Booking Software which will satisfy...

    The PHP custom business card script is easy to use and offers variety of designer tools that helps the user to originate an identity from predefined templates.

    Custom Business card script features:
    · User Panel Features

    PHP appointment booking script helps any private firms or for people to permit their customers for online arrangements. It has office to settle the errands by means of on the web. It additionally has datebook interface that permit clients to alter...

    Our advanced Hotel Booking System is developed in an integrated environment with open source languages like PHP and Ajax. The back end is developed with open source tool namely MySQL with reservation managers. You can easily make use of features...

    About payment, learner can choose to pay by Paypal, Stripe, Pay Mill or Authorized.net directly or they can choose to transfer by other methods(Admin can provide other methods such as bank transfer) then learners will have a submission from in...

    PG Real Estate - a turnkey solution to build a Real Estate Web Site. It is a perfect solution for a Real Estate Portal (property lease, rent and sale marketplace), Independent Realtors or Real Estate Agencies. The script allows managing site...

    Today with CSS3, you no longer need a background image for gradients. You can use CSS to add a gradient to the background of some elements on your page. For ex.: change the color hex values ("84c8d7" and "327fbd") to the...

    This solution is based on Mozilla specific CSS extension. Other browsers will ignore this rule.

    This can be used in casting shadows off block-level elements like divs, tables etc. (still not supported in IE7 and IE8). Parameters (from left to right): horizontal offset of the shadow, vertical offset of the shadow, blur radius (optional),...

    This code allows to remove all duplicate elements from an array using PHP array_unique() function.

    This code allows to list the contents of any given directory.

    This code allows to pass filename in the $file_name variable and function will return file extension only.

    PG Portal Pro is a turnkey portal software. It lets you start your Portal Web Site with many advanced features. PG Portal Pro is a perfect solution for City, Community, Business, Corporate portal and a clone of popular portal web sites such as...